With the rate at which technology changes and improves, it’s no surprise to anyone that there’s a whole series of new tech trends that companies need to keep in mind for the future. Over the course of the pandemic, shifts in the way that we think and work with technology have pushed forward a very different way of working and industries are starting to realise that the technology they’ve held onto needs to change.

Here are a few emerging technology trends that are worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re interested in upgrading the way your company works.

Trend 1: Cybersecurity mesh

It’s no secret that the biggest shift in the working world has been the movement to remote and hybrid working environments. With so many people spending a lot more time out of the office, cybersecurity has never been more important for companies to invest in. However, even with the best set-ups, cybersecurity threats can still happen.

Cybersecurity mesh is a trend that can change that. With cybersecurity mesh, the security infrastructure is built around each individual access point, rather than around a series of networks, which means that the network itself is built for flexibility and can be hyper-individualised so that the IT network manager can choose to limit access to parts of a network. This also means that the recent investment in cloud computing will be a little more secure, as it’s the individual access point that cybersecurity mesh protects rather than every computer in the network.

Trend 2: Smart supply chains

One of the biggest industry revelations of 2021 was how underprepared and undervalued our current global supply chain is, and early investors are already on track to try and fix this issue. Using IoT devices and RFID scanners, smart supply chains can help reinvigorate the supply chain industry, which until recently has been pretty immune to innovation and is due some upgrading and investment no matter how small the business is. This is a trend that’s going to affect everyone, no matter how disconnected it might feel: as supply chain issues continue to worsen, businesses and consumers will suffer the consequences. However, smart supply chains show real promise in fixing some of the problems caused by an overworked and weakened chain network.

Trend 3: Better enterprise and company technology

It’s no secret that technology aimed for corporate use tends to be a little behind the times both in design and useability. While it may get the job done as far as the programme works, design tends to be the last thing on people’s minds, which makes some corporate technology difficult to use, unappealing, and less likely to inspire people to use it.

With the advent of hybrid and remote working, this is set to change. More and more enterprise and corporate technologies are undergoing overhauls to make them more attractive for their users, and new corporate technologies are designing their products around employee needs to compete with consumer and private technology, therefore making them easier to use and providing a better experience overall.

Trend 4: Seamless password authentication

Keeping track of all your individual passwords has always been a challenge, especially if you practice good password management and change them regularly. Forgetting a password and losing access to your account is not enjoyable, and if you haven’t set up 2FA or other authentication methods, gaining back access to your account can cost you a lot of valuable time.

There’s been a sudden surge in password management and authentication methods driven by AI and cloud technology, and this looks like it could spark an interesting revolution in the way we use passwords. By allowing for authentication to work using AI and cloud technology, it promises to be a much faster way of accessing accounts, though whether it will be a more secure way has yet to be seen.

Trend 5: Increased app usage

With the use of mobile technology continuing to increase in various different facets, it’s no surprise that apps have become the go-to for a number of technological companies who want their offerings to be quick, responsive, and reliable, with a certain level of easy-to-use. More people are accessing mobile apps than ever previously, and so companies which have invested in apps are poised to see a far greater return on investment.

These trends have been building for some time now, but are really coming into their own this year – however, there’s more we haven’t covered, so if we’ve missed your favourite trend, or you want to talk about the possibilities these trends can fulfil, leave us a message and let us know!

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    Top 10 Essential Cybersecurity Measures for Safe Remote Working

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