About Us

AIRO is a software consultancy specializing in the development of custom software and websites for small to medium-sized organizations.

We develop software from scratch, according to customer requirements and specifications, and implement solutions that include customized off-the-shelf software.

We also provide Managed IT Services, Managed Cyber Security Services, IT Administration, and Helpdesk Outsourcing.

Types of systems we have experience in developing include:

  • public websites
  • customized intranets
  • line-of-business applications
  • Office and Exchange add-ins
  • most types of database-oriented systems
  • web/browser-based and Windows-based-applications.


Our aim is to provide our clients with quality, robust and user-friendly software which delivers long-term business value, at prices affordable to even very small organizations. Our development approach is to listen to customer needs and work closely with the customer throughout the entire project, to deliver solutions which meet their long-term needs.

We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure the longevity of our solutions, but we don’t ever fit projects to a technology. If a solution calls for bleeding-edge technologies, we help you weigh up the potential risks against specific advantages they offer.

We follow strict programming standards applicable to the technologies used, and follow recommended vendor best-practices. Development work is primarily done using Agile methods, as we have found this to be the most effective in providing customers with high quality and flexibility.

AIRO Software primarily uses Microsoft technologies as well as other solutions in both fully custom and customized off-the-shelf solutions.

Development technologies used include the .NET Framework 4.6, including ASP.NET, AJAX, WCF, WPF, XML Web services, the C#, VB.NET and PHP languages and SQL Server.

Off-the-shelf products we have expertise customizing, extending and integrating into custom solutions include Exchange Server, SharePoint and Microsoft Office. However, we’re not Microsoft evangelists. Our primary business is not the resale of their products, and we are honest when alternatives are more suitable for a specific project.


We realize that software projects don’t finish when the customer has signed off. All of our development work comes with a warranty, and we are usually able to offer ongoing maintenance services for the useful life of the software.

However, we don’t lock you in: unless otherwise agreed, the customer owns the intellectual property in custom-developed solutions, and we provide customers with full source code at signoff.

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