Software Development

Custom Software Development

Whether you are looking to materialise that great idea you have for a mobile app, build your own web portal or are looking to build proprietary software to automate a core business function AIRO has your back. Our team has been focused on creating bespoke software development solutions for years.

With an experienced team of developers with a vast knowledge in different technologies we can help build whatever custom solution you need be it on Web, Mobile or PC.


Here are some of the technologies we specialise in:

  • .Net Framework
  • .Net Core
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Angular
  • React
  • Ionic
  • Objective C

Web Development

Building sleek, responsive, great looking web applications is what we do best. From building basic informational websites to full blown functional sites using the latest frontend technologies such as Angular and React, which integrate with Restful web services, these can be hosted on your own server or on the cloud its up to you!

Software Development

Although dedicated software is being replaced by web applications there are still many scenarios where a dedicated software solution is the best option. We can help you make the decision as well as build applications using the .Net Framework to satisfy your business needs.

Mobile Development

Mobile apps have become a critical part of companies connecting with their clients, with some of the largest companies in the world abandoning traditional websites completing. Building the perfect app is key, AIRO can provide the best solution for both iOS and Android.

Quickbase Development

Let us help you build and manage all of your Quickbase solutions, with years of expierence with the platform we can help you make the most of your applications.

We can also extend beyond the Quickbase capabilities by building custom solutions which integrate seamlessly with your already build Quickbase applications.

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