Title: How hiring an MSP helps compliance

An MSP – or a managed service provider – can help do a lot for your organisation when it comes to maintaining your IT needs. Hiring someone to take care of your most finicky IT projects, such as data storage and handling, can also have wider reaching benefits for your company besides the inherent security of having professionals handle your data.

One of those benefits is for adhering to compliance. Compliance issues can quickly become overwhelming and expensive for any business, and neglecting to maintain compliance measures can put you at odds with compliance authorities with some hefty fines.

Here are a few reasons why managed service providers are an investment you can’t miss out on.

Increased data security

It’s no surprise that data security is one of the highest priorities for any business that wants to stay in business: a security breach not only means that business has to stop until the breach is resolved, but can also result in a loss of trust from your customers. Businesses who want to maintain the same level of security and integrity will eventually have to outsource their data security to a managed service provider as the laws around cybersecurity and data protection continue to get more elaborate.

By putting your data in the hands of a managed security provider, you can at least mark data protection off your list. Data security providers are highly trained and keep abreast of all the latest security laws and regulations that businesses need to comply with, and therefore are well-equipped to make the best choice for your business.

Reduced risk of downtime

Problems with your infrastructure can happen to anyone, no matter how well-equipped you are at dealing with them. Regardless of your experience and the size of your company, a problem within your IT system can be a big issue for a corporation, especially if they don’t realise it immediately. Hiring an MSP to monitor your systems ensures that any attempt at a breach or a system failure is caught near instantly, making it that much less likely that the business will have to go offline to repair what could be a routine failure. Downtimes under an MSP can be much easier to maintain as the MSP can monitor your systems for 24 hours a day around the clock and also make sure that the data recovered or protected follows legal guidelines.

Faster adherence to new policies

One of the biggest headaches to deal with as an organisation is maintaining your legal requirements, especially when it comes to protecting your data. Sensitive customer data is protected by law and companies have to maintain and adhere to some very stringent measures, or risk losing their license to do business. As with data protection, that’s what managed service providers are great at: making sure that your organisation remains able to operate in its industry without putting the effort of checking up on organisational rules on you – and thereby freeing up your workers.

Professional MSPs are more likely to know when a legal change is coming and to help you through the transition, whether it’s something as small as rearranging your current IT set-up or upgrading to an entirely new system.

Easier worker management

With flexiworkers and contractor roles on the rise, hiring an MSP to manage your worker data can help you manage your contracts, making your compliance requirements a much easier process both for you and the employees in charge of hiring your workers. Furthermore, an MSP can always help put you on the right track by creating an environment that is dependent on compliance, making it easier to maintain in the future – and it doesn’t all rely on you.

Minimal risk of human error

We’re all human and it’s easy to make a mistake, however compliance mistakes can have far-reaching consequences. By hiring an MSP to take care of all these little details, the risk for human error is minimised as you have a fresh set of eyes and ears on the ground to make sure that you’re adhering to the policies that have been set out.

Managed service providers can make a big difference in the way you run your company, and if you’re in the market for one but aren’t sure what to look for, drop us a line – we’re happy to help!

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