Intelligent Web Applications

Web applications need to be intelligent to reach out and convey the message to your prospective clients. We do services to boost SEO and make websites intelligent depending on the user location, interests and device being used. Our experience in the industry has enabled us to create various types of web applications starting from CRM to other forms of web application development.

Data Migration Solutions

AIRO Software has migrated hundreds of highly-customized Excel-based data management systems into well-formed MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL databases. The key to successful Excel to database conversion is to maintain the original business and functional intent of the Excel system, while taking full advantages of the relational information model and workflow advantages of well designed databases.

Excel 2 Database

Spreadsheets provide Power users with tremendous data power and flexibility for developing custom business database applications. However as Excel database spreadsheets grow they tend to become unorganized and get copied, modified exchanged and emailed around where they grow in size and tend to increase in complexity. The low cost, ease-of-use and flexibility that Excel data offers now becomes a burden. Reconciling different spreadsheets into one system would avoid such confusion and clutter. At AIRO Software we can come up with such conversion to streamline your business requirements.

Database 2 CSV

CSV files are still very important data transfer data format between programs. At AIRO Software we can export data from your database to a CSV file to import into another system. With this approach you can simply transfer terabytes of data to a CSV file and import it into the other system.

Excel 2 Quickbase

Quickbase is a very powerful online database yet most of common day to day data is in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With Quickbase 2 Excel it is very easy to upload the data to QuickBase with one simple click helping you reduce your data input requirements.

Email Robot

Have special commands being done when specific emails are received such as running programs, inserting emails into databases etc. We offer great solutions to automate your IT infrastructure so that simply by sending an email you can have your servers respond to your actions.