Custom Software Solutions & Consulting Services

AIRO Software specializes in the development of custom software and websites for small to medium-sized organizations. We are based in Malta, Europe and we pride ourselves on the flexible, scalable and user-friendly software we create in order to address the specific needs of your organization and provide long-term business value. Our consulting services include website design, custom development, customization of off-the-shelf software, systems integration and developer-level support and maintenance of existing custom-developed systems. Even if you’re not sure which service you require, our consultants are always happy to discuss your requirements and advise if we can assist with your project.

Website Design and Development

We offer a full range of website design, development and maintenance services for both public websites and corporate intranets. We create database-driven, easy-to-maintain Web 2.0 sites developed to your specific needs, at an affordable price. We have extensive experience implementing custom e-commerce solutions using leading payment gateway services. Our services also include search-engine optimization (SEO) of existing websites, using proven and ethical techniques.

Custom Development

AIRO Software provides end-to-end custom development services, from identifying your needs and gathering requirements through to developing and implementing the finished software product. We are able to develop software from scratch, according to customer requirements and specifications, as well as implement solutions which include customized off-the-shelf software. Types of systems we have experience in developing include line-of-business applications, Office and Exchange add-ins, and most types of database-oriented systems. We are equally experienced in developing web/browser-based and Windows-based-applications.

Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Quickbase – We specialize in QuickBase development and integrating your Quickbase system to other 3rd party solutions, such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. We also have developed numerous Microsoft Excel automation projects to automate the Excel reports and Excel spreadsheets generation from different ERP solutions.
  • ASP.NET Websites – Microsoft ASP.NET MVC is a very powerful way of building rich and fluid user interfaces with high functionality for web applications. We also have experienced designers to create unique designs with artistic content to help even more promote your business.
  • PHP Websites – PHP is a popular programming language which runs typically Linux machines making it cheaper when hosting on a hosting provider due to less licensing costs. We develop and create custom php website and also customize WordPress sites to fit any function and necessity. Our designers give it the final touch to create unique and a modern design.
  • Desktop Applications – The typical desktop application has existed for years in the every day to day business requirements. We can help you automate your daily tasks to be more efficient and save you precious time and money.
  • Mobile Application Development – Mobile apps are increasingly getting popular and a lot of companies who offer a service need such apps. We have developed numerous apps to automate the employee which is on the go and switch to a tablet and keep him connected while on the road.
  • Windows 10 – It is always important to keep updated with the latest technologies. Microsoft Windows touch apps will be used in the years to come. We have developed windows touch based apps for windows tablets and PCs, such modern apps are the future, easy to use and enable increased business productivity.

Computer Forensics

AIRO Software also embarked in a new project to be one of the best computer forensics in Malta. More information here.